Posted 28th February 2013

Fi may speak at your company

You’re familiar with our work. You know our strong background in both design and technology. You may have even met a few of our executives. But you keep hearing about this event we host called ‘Attack’ and want to know “What is this thing all about?!”

Fair question.

‘Attack’ is short for its full title ‘Attack of the Creative Process.’ It started out as small lunch-and-learn sessions first held internally for any employees interested in passion projects that others wanted to discuss or share. When topics became too interesting to contain within Fi’s offices, ‘Attack’ opened the knowledge-sharing to the public and quickly evolved into a popular hosted event that the creative community continues to look forward to hearing year-round. ‘Attack’ is now Fi’s signature speaking series in examining creative processes within actual project life cycles from recent Fi examples. Because who wants to hear about work that’s passed its prime? It’s an opportunity to listen to the ideas that worked and others that failed miserably. It’s the behind-the-scenes stories about the real-life challenges faced by digital agencies as told in the same refreshingly candid manner as those early brown-bag days.


A lot of people are interested in having us present ‘Attack,’ but the demand is greater than our time. Unfortunately, we can’t respond to everyone’s request for Fi to present. The company that is most applicable for an Attack presentation is of a certain size. This is a company with an audience of 20-50 creatives and perhaps 30-200 digital practitioners overall. Large media companies reliant on beautiful design and UX, hot starts-ups offering emerging technologies as a solutions-provider and bleeding-edge creatives looking to find inspiration – these are all appropriate audiences. Fi has given ‘Attack’ presentations at previous companies like Yahoo, top design academies and other large institutions all around the world, from London, Moscow and New York, to Rzeszow, San Francisco and Stockholm.

‘Attack’ is geared for those creative professionals who want an insider look at ‘best practices.’ The art and science of getting creative, if you will. Since we switch our topics according to the work, the start of a new quarter calls for fresh content. This season’s ‘Attack’ focuses on our year-long work on USA Today’s site redesign. This is a project in which we didn’t just get the job done; we helped fix the underlying problem. The USA Today site re-imagines user behavior for publishers and the news business altogether.

To get a glimpse of where we’ve been, check out the images below. Here we are presenting ‘Attack’ to a full house in London.


Here we are on the Yahoo! campus, moments away from presenting to a packed room full of employees.


We presented ‘Attack’ at OFFF in Barcelona, Spain to the world’s leading creatives.


And most recently, we debuted our new ‘Attack’ presentation discussing our work with USA Today in The Netherlands to a sold out crowd.

Irene + Anton at FITC, Amsterdam

For those interested in having Fi present ‘Attack’ at your company, school or conference, please contact Kimberlee Alley, at

Here is the 2012 Attack of The Creative Process presentation (not professionally) filmed at Fi’s NYC office in October 2012. This previous “Attack” featured 3 award-winning projects: Google Ramayana, Google Chrome Store,  and The History Channel’s Civil War microsite.

The flyer from Attack in London:


The flyer from Attack in San Francisco:


The flyer from Attack in Moscow:


The flyer from Attack in New York: