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Fi Wins an Emmy Award

When Nick came to us for the UX and Design of their kid's app we were giddy with excitement. It's not everyday you get to use your artistic talent in the professional world...

10th September 2013 8
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The 2016 Estonian Olympic Uniform (concept)

Anton Repponen is Fi's Global Creative Director. He was born in Russia and raised in Estonia. In his own time he loves to experiment and concept via One of his...

9th September 2013 6
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6 Must-See Videos from Fi

You've perhaps seen our work, but you may have missed some of our videos, so here are 6 picks we feel you it's worth taking a look at. Featuring: Wacom Manifesto, The USA...

5th September 2013 1
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Screen Shot 2013-08-12 at 5.04.56 PM

Fi for SXSW

Global Creative Director Anton Repponen and Global Director of UX & Strategy Irene Pereyra explain what they would like to present for SXSW audiences in 2014.

19th August 2013 1
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The new – A product site that inspires you

Imagine a product site that is meant to inspire you. A site that showcases and celebrates creativity from all over the world. And rewards loyalty to the brand. A site that...

8th August 2013 36